Smarter Trading,
Disruptive Investing

At De Montfort Capital, we use traditional financial analysis techniques, combined with cutting edge technology to find and trade disruptive investments

About us.

De Montfort Capital was founded in 2013 by Jonathan De Montfort, with a specialist focus on investments in disruptive businesses, from start-up to well established, ranging from blockchain to social media platforms (e.g.

Jonathan started trading the US500 on his own personal account in 2001 and very quickly realised that using computers was the best and most scientific way to isolate opportunities in the markets.

This led to the creation of his first few trading models, some of which continue to be used today.

In 2004, Jonathan started his career in the City, working for companies such as Lehman Brothers, Millennium Capital and Goldman Sachs, combining traditional economic and portfolio analysis with cutting edge technology in trading.

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Our Location

Our Location

A summary of our trading philosophy and example investments

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Our Portfolio

A summary of our trading philosophy and example investments

The four pillars
of De Montfort Capital

Traditional Economic, Market & Portfolio Analysis


We use traditional analysis techniques for finance, combined with
cutting edge technology, e.g. machine learning, to produce tradable models

State of the Art Technology


We develop and use new technology across multiple disciplines,
including trading, financial modelling and blockchain

Disruptive Businesses


We have a special interest in disruptive businesses, whether through
technology or business strategy. Our latest business,
De Montfort Literature, is a prime example

Multiple Time Frame


Whether it’s trading short-term or investing long-term,
we use the style appropriate to the market to balance our portfolio risks

The four pillars of De Montfort Capital

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