Our Portfolio

A short description of a couple of our investments and trading.

What We Specialise In:


Our philosophy is to trade volatility and trends across multiple
timeframes in equities, futures and options

Investment | Minds.com

Minds.com is a social network provider dedicated to freedom of speech and privacy, just two of the factors that piqued our interest in an environment where increasing numbers of content providers are complaining about poor treatment from established social network providers. They also remunerate their contributors through crypto currencies, further underlining their stance on privacy.

Investment | De Montfort Literature

Jonathan recently set up De Montfort Literature as a disruption to the existing publishing model, based on his experiences of that world whilst writing his first novel, ’Turner’.

Authors for De Montfort Literature are treated as partners with a view to providing everything they need to create a successful career as novelists, including a salary. Authors are preselected for success using a combination of interviews and a prediction model designed in the early days of Jonathan’s trading career.